Love to Host,
but Can't Cook?

12 Meal Ideas You Can Serve Instead

FACT — You Don’t Have to Be a Good Cook in Order to Be a Great Host

For whatever reason, people tend to hesitate or completely avoid hosting others for dinner, because they can't cook (or don’t like to cook). While they might appreciate and love eating good food, taking the time and effort to make it is not their cup o' tea. Perhaps they’re too afraid to mess up the meal and risk embarrassing themselves (especially if their guests happen to be really good cooks themselves). They’re convinced their food will never live up to such high standards.

Maybe they’re right. Or maybe not?

Who says you actually need to prepare a meal—on your own, from scratch—in order to enjoy a lovely gathering with your guests?

You Don't Have to Be a Good Cook in Order to Be a Great Host — Quote by Jessica Brand from

We say, nah. Such an undertaking can be saved for those that truly enjoy the process of designing and putting an elaborate feast together.

Instead, we’ve created a bunch of fun alternatives to “preparing” a meal for your guests, without all the nerves and fears getting in the way. After all . . .

What is on the table doesn't matter as much
as who is with you around the table.

May the following ideas spark your excitement and ignite enough courage for you to go ahead and plan a fun night in with friends. More importantly, may they liberate you from the pressures of what “tradition” deems to be good hosting.

12 Meal Ideas That Don't Require You Cooking

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Can't Cook? Order in some delivery to share with your friends.

Pizza — Delivery or takeout, it doesn’t matter. Order a variety of smaller sized pizza pies to give everyone different options to try. Bonus Idea: do a little research or ask a local expert (or check out this nifty infographic) to find out which beers pair well with certain pizzas. Get a couple of different beers for your guests to sample with their slices.

Not in the mood for pizza? Then order some lo mein, pad thai, chicken tikka masala, or a bunch of grinders cut up into smaller servings. (A grinder is what us New Englanders call a submarine sandwich. I didn’t even know what a hoagie was until college.) At the end of the day, there’s no shame ordering takeout for sharing with your friends.

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