Photographic tours and review of our favorite cookbooks.

My Paris Kitchen


This is one of those books that takes you on a journey, in the kitchen and in the heart. David moved to Paris from the U.S. and brings us along for the ride. He [...]

My Paris Kitchen2024-04-29T19:01:13+00:00

Thug Kitchen


Buy on Amazon This book offers a fun variety of bite sized recipes for any party — casual or formal. I love recipes that look really special, but were super easy to [...]

Thug Kitchen2024-04-29T19:01:15+00:00



Buy on Amazon You guys, I adore this book. My tastebuds love it even more. So much flavor and vibrancy in Michael's recipes. What's even more special is the heart behind every [...]


Molly on the Range


Buy on Amazon I feel like I'm playing with my food when I cook from Molly's recipes. There's a smile on my face as I prepare the dishes, and an even bigger [...]

Molly on the Range2024-04-29T19:01:14+00:00

Love & Lemons


Buy on Amazon The recipes in this book are ON POINT, delicious, and filling. Shhh... don't saying thing, but they're all vegetarian recipes! The graphic designer in me fell in love with this [...]

Love & Lemons2024-04-29T19:01:15+00:00

Joy of Cooking


Buy on Amazon Want to start your own cookbook collection? Begin with this book. Top 5 Dishes from my Feast Family Savory Baked Cheese Grits Swedish Meatballs Tomato, Peach Salad with [...]

Joy of Cooking2024-04-29T19:01:15+00:00



This book needs no introduction. No cookbook library is complete without it. Photos by me (Jessica). Top 3 Dishes —1— Herb Pie (pg 251) —2— Chocolate Krantz Cakes (pgs 284–285) —3— It’s a tie! Pureed Beets [...]


It’s All Good


Buy on Amazon Good isn't the correct word to describe the quality of recipes in this book. Believe it or not, the majority of recipes were absolutely divine! In fact, all of [...]

It’s All Good2024-04-29T19:01:16+00:00
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