A Baker’s Dozen Deviled Egg Trays


Spring, summer, fall, and winter . . . deviled eggs are always in season. As you open your home (and your heart) to those you love, consider adding these classic appetizers to your menu.

If you need some inspiration on recipes, check out The Dish List where we compiled 30 different deviled egg recipes for you.  The variations are endless and so are your serving options. Click through some of our Favorites Finds and pick the tray that best fits your style. Enjoy! (Oh, and don’t forget post a picture of your devilish egg tray + tag us on Instagram — we love crashing parties.)

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Mud Pie Deviled Egg Tray Set in White

One quick and easy treat to whip up for a group is the incredible edible deviled egg. The variations are endless and so are your serving tray options. Click through some of our favorites finds and find the style that fits you best!

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