Mini Fruit Bouquets

Eat Your Heart Out & Love Every Minute

Making Fresh Fruit Bouquets is just as fun as eating them.

Yes, it’s easy to go online and order a premade fruit bouquet to give to that special someone. But taking the time to make your own conveys a totally different message. These DIY miniature fruit bouquets are an adorable way to show how much you really care.

Hosting a barbecue or a brunch? Dress up your buffet with these colorful bunches. They add a fun element of surprise, and each stick offers a bite-sized portion of fresh fruit. Who doesn’t love eating food on a stick?!

Keep scrolling to see how to make your own fruit bouquet, plus a couple of tips to make it easy for you.

How to Make Mini Fresh Fruit Bouquets by A Taste for Living

A Few Quick Tips

    1. Sticks — Invest in wooden kabob skewers that you can wash and reuse. You’ll need to cut them in half for smaller bouquets.
    2. Raisins — To keep the fruit slices from sliding down the stick, use a raisin to hold everything in place! If you don’t have any raisins on hand, any type of dried fruit will work nicely.
    3. Orange — Depending on the size of your container, a sturdy fruit like an orange is the perfect solution for displaying the fruit flowers. For larger containers, use grapefruit. Smaller containers can use a lemon or clementine. The skin of the fruit is thin enough to puncture yet strong enough to hold the sticks in place. Want to make a huge fruit bouquet? Use a watermelon to hold the sticks!

The selection of fruits is endless. Pick your favorites or design a bouquet with select colors. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Great for Kids (and Adults) of All Ages

For parties, how awesome is it to create a snack that also functions as decoration? Often, when food is prepared in a creative way, kids are more inclined to try it. Check out the hashtag #bento on Instagram or google it to see all the crazy fun ways people design food. (I guarantee you’ll waste the next 20 minutes skimming through all the images.)

Equipment You’ll Need

More Fun Shapes

How to Make Mini Fresh Fruit Bouquets by A Taste for Living
How to Make Mini Fresh Fruit Bouquets by A Taste for Living
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